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How To Fix A Flat Tyre – Fix A Road Bike Puncture

Our guide to fixing a flat bicycle tire on the roadside.
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Getting a puncture is part of cycling. In this video we show you how to fix a road bike tyre. If you’re on a mountain bike the technique is exactly the same!

The simplest way to fix a flat tyre is to replace your inner tube. This is the technique that Daniel uses in the video. If you’re after more mechanical How Tos, we’ve got you covered – take a look at our playlist: http://gcn.eu/maintmon

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  1. The best way to get your inner tube to not snag, is to pump a bit of air into it to make it round out before fully seating the bead. If it's completely flat then it will pinch for sure!

  2. oh my god thankyou dan! you made this look so much easier than all of the other videos on youtube.

  3. Thanks very much, i have just got into cycling here in the Philippines and I was clueless about all this. Thanks to your videos I now carry spare tubes, patch kits and repair tools. I'm still worried about messing something up on the complex mechanical on the back wheel if I have to pop it off! great work!!

  4. I had a flat for the first time this morning. This video saved my ass! Thank you!

  5. Love how he just removes the wheel without really explaining what’s going on 🙃

  6. Was a little apprehensive when buying this with the few negative reviews on here, but this was exactly the kind of bike I was looking for. https://www.youtube.com/post/Ugkxn_jUDSlprMIeubd9rHdEAnv59nKfjcKv I plan to ride it on paved roadways and trails, and wanted a "Grocery Getter" so to speak. After receiving it (without any damage), I had it out of the box, and fully assembled in about 30 minutes. I did not have to look at the manual, and I'm glad because I did look at it after I got it together, and it looks like it's a manual for several different styles. I did have to adjust the breaks and gear shifters, but that's been my experience with every bike I've owned. There was one review in particular that made me nervous, saying it was not meant for someone 6'4", it was too short. Well I'm 6'5" (230lbs) with a 36" inseam, and can tell you this bike fits perfectly, granted the seat is in it's highest safe position. I've only had it for 3 days so far, and if things change I will update my review, but I put 26 miles on it so far, and it rides like a dream. Very comfortable seating position. The front suspension is good for the occasional rock or bump you hit on asphalt, but this bike is not made to be taken off road, and I'm OK with that. I was particularly happy to see the wheels were trued perfectly. I was expecting to have to take them in and have them trued at a local bike shop, as I've had to do with all my past bike purchases, but in this case they were already in great shape. For the money, this is an awesome bike.

  7. Mark your tire on the side right above the valve stem before you take your commute. That will give you the orientation between where the air is leaking out of the tube and the corresponding place on the tire.

  8. Terrible tutorial video… Doesn't explain properly how to remove the wheel… Just instantly next step the wheel is off for this dude. Might as well just go straight to the final step "replace tire. There you go." thanks for nothing.

  9. This video answered my question, therefore I gave it a like 👍🏼

  10. Thanks Great video, you’ve helped me change my bike tire 😅

  11. Do I have to take the wheel off?

  12. This helped me out of a jam last night great video

  13. This video should have been titled “how to change a flat tire”. He didn’t fix a flat tire.

  14. A little trick: after you get a flat, go see where is in the inner tube and try to locate the same position in the tyre.
    The other day I got an invisible thorn inside the tyre and I was able to locate it using this method.

  15. Perfect explanation perfect execution perfect video thanks for the help

  16. I got it all fixed up then over pressurized the tube when airing it back up and busted a hole in it 🤦🏻‍♂️

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