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[2 Ways ] How To Bypass Android Screen Lock 2023

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We notice that some users recommend unlocking screen lock using Emergency Call. Can it work? We will test this method in this video, and then, provide an efficient way to unlock Android screen lock, so don’t miss this video!
00:00 Intro
00:22 Free Method. Bypass Android screen lock using Emergency Call
01:34 Method 2. Bypass Android screen lock with DroidKit

Note: If you can use Emergency Call to unlock your phone successfully, you will not lose your data.
Check details on how to bypass Android screen lock using Emergency Call: https://www.imobie.com/android-unlock/how-to-bypass-android-lock-screen-using-emergency-call.htm?utm_source=imobie_official_channel&utm_medium=youtube_referral&utm_campaign=DKBypassScreenLock211025&utm_content=dk+screen+unlocker&utm_term=how+to+unlock+phone+without+password
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  1. 👉 Remove Android screen with DroidKit in simple steps: https://bit.ly/3tTlK4L

    👉 Feel free to let us know your ideas or suggestions on this topic! 😛

  2. This is not helpful at all!

    OMG don't fucking do what this idiot tells you to do. You're not recovering SHIT! You're deleting your data! You're not "by passing" you're deleting everything. At least label your video right!


  5. This is an ad, and a waste of time.

  6. what is the key for software it was not mentiong

  7. If it's fake why don't we report this video? What are we waiting for?

  8. Factory reset would do it without the Droid kit….that's just a waste of a step

  9. Wtf was the point of this vide if it don't work?

  10. Just call the phone and answer. Then go to the phone that you called UI (home screen) hang up and now you bypass the password.

  11. Just do factory reset yourself with the side keys by holding them down, Google if you're unsure, don't waste your money when this service wipes your phone anyway. Same result for free you can do yourself

  12. hi. if you use the droidkit aplication then your data(videos and images and applicathions) will be erase or not?

  13. You lose all date. Not what was mentioned. Good job.

  14. The second method works for me!

  15. jajajajajajaajajjaj super fake its normal removed lock screen next format devices

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