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At some point, you might look down at your knitting and think, “Whoa! Why do I have so many stitches on my needle?” You’ve got more stitches than you cast on!

You, my friend, have accidentally added extra stitches to your work. It happens to most beginner knitters, so don’t beat yourself up about it! There’s one way to fix an added stitch, and it requires that you keep your eyes peeled so you can catch the little sneak before it gets embedded into your knitting. I’ll show you how in the video!



  1. Very clear instructions and repair at a speed I can follow. Thank you. I'll follow you for more problems – and there will be more problems.

  2. it works!🎉🎉😊i made a bag and it has holes a now it’s better🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤

  3. I saw this video before but didn't play it, I regret it because now I knitted so far and I don't think I can go back to the start 😭

  4. This was absolutely clear, I didn’t even know what was happening with those weird yarn over increases while alternating purl and knit

  5. When I was a beginner knitter the way I made extra stitches by mistake was by splitting a stitch. Easily done with fuzzy yarn.

  6. Thank you!! I couldn't figure out how I would come up with holes. I like all your videos. So easy to learn from.

  7. What do you mean by when you knot back into your work? (This is very helpful thank you!! )

  8. I have about 200 cast on stitches…. I'm not counting this again lol

  9. But what if the extra stitches don't look like imposters-they look like "real" stitches? Can I just grab two and knit them to decrease them?

  10. I love watching videos like this cause I need to pass my knitting class for my compute science degree

  11. “You have to start over.” Cool solution. 😒

  12. Thank you so much! I kept finding those yarnover imposter stitches on my needle but never knew what they were! So glad I can just push them off. I am struggling with the realisation that I probably have to rip out maybe 13 rows of knitting to get down to the big hole I didn’t know how to fix, but that’s my fault for not looking it up sooner! Thanks again for vastly improving my experience and knowledge.

  13. I cast on 14. 18 rows in and I have 29 stitches on my needle 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. I started a scarf a few days ago and I accidentally now have an extra but there are no holes under it so I have no idea which stitch is the extra what do I do

  15. What do you do if you don’t know which stitch is the extra

  16. wouldn't it just be best to K2Tog to decrease the extra stitches? Rather than ripping it off?

  17. Thank you for the video. I noticed, since I always count my stitches, that somewhere along the line I went from 320 to 321. I think I'm just going to live with it though since it's too late to fix it the easy way (I knitted a few rows since then hoping I miscounted), but at least now I know what to do in the future.

  18. You are so helpful, thank you for your clear explanations

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