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How To Fix a Headliner The Correct Way

How to Fix a Sagging Car Roof Lining / Head Liner
#Headliner #RoofLining #Repair

The Products we use:
BUY GLUE: TensorGrip T65 500ml Can – https://ebay.us/rysIGV
BUY FABRIC: Headlining / Roof Lining Material: https://ebay.us/26bew6

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  1. Thanks for watching 😃

    The Products we use:
    BUY OUR GLUE: TensorGrip T65 500ml Can – https://ebay.us/rysIGV
    BUY OUR FABRIC: Headlining / Roof Lining Material: https://ebay.us/26bew6
    ETA for High Quality Suede Fabric is September 2023

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  2. What Glue gun are you using and what is it connected to

  3. Going to attempt to do my headliner this afternoon in the Great Northern Alberta Canada…Thank you for your video it is very informative.

  4. @Reece's Auto Headlining Repairs you dont need a sander, just put flower on scrub it, the glue/sponge will get mix with the flower allowing a easier removal

  5. So is this the same process for a door?

  6. Thanks for this video, I need to do my headliner 328i E90 and have been looking at fabrics. Seems most the stuff is 3/16" thickness when I feel like 1/8 is more ideal for a headliner like E90. Lots of little angles where the fabric can crease easily if there is too thick of a foam backing. Probably be a good idea to get a steamer as well. What do you think?

  7. Let's see you do a fiber board headliner. Your example is a styrofoam back, later models went to a loose fiber board that is nasty to clean.

  8. Best video so far.
    Nice explaned.
    All best from Bosnia

  9. wow what a nice video.. very helpfull


  11. can i buy a replacement headliner somewhere here in California for a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country van? thanks

  12. What material do you use: backed with polyethylene or with polyuretane? Where do you buy material? How much per linear foot (5 ft width)

  13. The best headliner replacement vid on YT. Short and to the point.
    Many thanks. I'm about to do my first. This vid really helped.

  14. Great job!! You know when someone is a pro, when they make it look easy!!

  15. How many cans would one need? How do I get my hands on something like your spraying

  16. didn't expect the guy to be handsome at the end, otherwise useful info

  17. Hi! I know this is a old video and i might not get a answer but im going to add a new headliner/fabric tommorrow but im not sure if i need to remove the previous fabric. The one im putting on has no foam and the headliner i got on now is perfectly fine. Should i remove my old headliner still?

  18. Hello Reece, What kind of noozle you have on that spray gun. Is that pot and spray specific for adhesive or some kind universal for painting, adhesive or more. Sorry for bad english.

  19. Glad you explained in English didn't realize how much more I have to do 😊

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