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How to FRP Bypass Lock on Any Android Phone

Since Android 5.1, Google has equipped Android phones with Factory Reset Protection (or FRP), making them inaccessible to those who don’t have the password of the Google account synced in the device.

However what happens if it’s your phone that you’re trying to unlock, and you’ve totally forgotten your email and password? This is where FRP bypass comes in handy.

In this video, you will learn two ways to bypass FRP and access your phone if you’ve forgotten your Google account details. Keep on watching!

0:50 Method 1
2:27 Method 2

PassFab Android Unlocker download links for Windows and Mac: https://www.passfab.com/guide/how-to-use-android-unlocker.html#p2

Complete article link: https://cellularnews.com/guides/how-to-frp-bypass-lock-on-any-android-phone-easy-guide/
Website: https://cellularnews.com/
More How-To Guides: https://cellularnews.com/category/guides/



  1. this better work cos immma buy an FRP phone (cos its cheap )
    and if this doesnt work
    i'll cry

  2. Passfab is what did it for me. A tad annoying I had to pay for something I'm only gonna use once but it worked and that's what matters.

  3. But wait there's more !

    Free virus included ! PUA:Win32/Packunwan

  4. Same question. Process useless if phone already FRP locked. You cannot get into the phone to do anything.

  5. After doing factory data reset I am not able to install any apk's in my mobile .what to do ?

  6. If its already locked what do you do

  7. if ya phone is logged how u gona go on wifi

  8. nice, for very older android version, now dont work.

  9. May any method for redmi model bn47 its very difficult to unlock. How to fix.?

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