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How to Fix & Bypass YouTube Anti Ad Block Detection

For educational purposes only – uBlock Origin is the only browser extension to use, just make sure to keep updating to the latest version and also purging all filters caches and updating filters. Make sure to disable or remove all other ad block extensions as they make conflict with each other.

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How to bypass YouTube adblock detection
How to bypass YouTube Ad Block detection
New way to remove YouTube’s ad blockers popup
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YouTube Anti adblock detection
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  1. How safe is the extension itself and is it safe for safari?

    How about for the YouTube app..

  2. Thanks man. I was using Ghostery, but they got wise to it.

  3. idk why it isn't working for me, the site says "No" and the id for uBlock and YouTube is different. What do I do in this instance? I'm using YouTube on edge.

  4. Adblock installe & no problem lol ))))

  5. Thanks. Now, please delete this video.

  6. It does a great job, however, yt detects it and won't allow playing of [free with ads] movies.

  7. Why not simply just use Brave browser? I use it all the time and I never saw any pop-ups or ads.

  8. Can't read the name of 'it's this website here'…lol

  9. Thank you youtube, for recommending this video to me.

  10. Excellent! Thanks it works!

  11. Remember to support your shareware providers folks. They're out there working hard

  12. been using this forever. No wonder I haven't seen the popup yet. Best ad blocker!

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