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How to Fix Typos #shorts



  1. how to fix roblox time like this man

  2. β€œKids who do not shower play Rise Of Kingdoms”

  3. Only true fans knew he was working on this on stream 😎

  4. and the cursor was never useful on his computer

  5. I know someone who does this

  6. Have you ever used your cursor to move to the mispelled writing?

  7. i do this but then it deletes to much and i have to ctrl+z XD

  8. bro just click on the word but you can do this to your friends to annoy them especially if its a school project but that would make them not like you

  9. Phone Users: taps typo and done!

  10. control shift up arrow key: πŸ‘€

  11. The fact that I actually took time to read it all.

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